The Wizard of Lead Guitar Ionian Training


Hello Aspiring Lead Guitarist,

You have been invited to a course on the major scale, also known as the Ionian mode.
This is a special pre-release offer.
This course may not be available for free in the future.

The Wizard of Lead Guitar Ionian Training – This training gives aspiring lead guitarists the tools to develop their own unique style of playing. There are lots of students and teachers who advocate copying the riffs of other guitarists. That is a good way to learn lead but not if you want to nurture your own style. This course will help you grow your own creativity so you can discover your own individual style of playing.Invited by: Chris Macor

This course has a amazing amount of content resulting in a thoroughness of which you have only dreamed.This invitation will expire on.

Below is the introduction to the course.

I will be adding more content including videos, fingerboard patterns, chord diagrams and other instructional aids in the near future.

Enjoy the yellow brick road!